Human Capital Provision

  • Provisioning of skilled resources to Define B-BBEE strategy
  • Provisioning of skilled resources to understand and bridge the gap to the target B-BBEE state
  • Provisioning of skilled resources to implement B-BBEE strategy

Compliance Implementation

  • Definition of Compliance aligned with business strategy
  • Collection and centralisation of compliance status per item
  • Web enabled access to specified user community
  • Compliance Business Intelligence Solution

BBBEE Advisory

  • Pre- Verification Services
  • Procurement Solutions
  • Enterprise & Supplier Development Solutions

BEE Training

  • Skills Development Services
  • Audit Skills Requirements
  • Draw up Workplace Skills Plan
  • Submission of Workplace Skills Plan
  • Develop annual training report
  • Submit annual training report to seta

Employment Equity Services

  • Completion of EEA2 and EEA 4 forms
  • Drafting of Employment Equity Plan
  • Policies
  • Employment Equity Committee Assistance
  • Employment Equity Training (Regulations and Requirements)

EVE Approach to Transformation Assistance


The pace of change to stimulate economic growth in South Africa creates challenges for companies to keep their strategies aligned to ensure continued compliance.  EVE provides their customers the ability to:

Common Challenges Faced by Enterprises


EVE customers face various challenges to stay aligned with legislations, these are some of the most common challenges which is addressed by our services